Pedalar Line Elite Flat

8.990 kr.

Confident and durable. MTB flat pedals with a durable nylon design and replaceable pins for consistent grip. Most downhillers, dirt jumpers, and enduro riders prefer flat pedals, but any trail rider can appreciate the benefits of the Line Elite MTB pedal. It features a durable nylon body and solid platform with replaceable traction pins, so every time you place your foot your shoe stays put. It also has a durable axle and sealed cartridge bearings to ensure lasting performance.

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  • Durable nylon body with a proven shape for comfort and confidence
  • Durable axle spins on sealed cartridge bearings
  • Replaceable steel traction pins
  • Install with either 6mm hex or standard 15mm pedal wrench
  • 9/16″
  • 355 g

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