Brake Lever Left MT201

4.690 kr.

Optimised braking performance for recreational MTB riders. The Altus MT201 Disc Brake Lever provides durable braking performance to recreational MTB riders. The anodized alloy brake lever is egonomically designed for a comfortable 2/3 -finger reach, for versatile and easy speed control on the trails. With braking power tuned for entry level riders and a lever reach designed for smaller hands, the SHIMANO ALTUS BL-MT200 is ideal for a wide variety of flat bar bicycles.

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  • SHIMANO Hydraulic Disc Brake performance
  • Versatile design matches numerous bike styles
  • Anodized Alloy 2/3-finger brake lever
  • Braking power adjusted for entry level riders
  • 90% of MT400 kit
  • Accessible lever reach designed for small hands
  • Minimum reach 75 mm
  • Easy, quick and clean installation
  • Reliable braking performance with less noise
  • Funnel bleeding
  • SHIMANO Hydraulic Mineral Oil
  • Less pad rattling noise
  • 40% wider pad clearance

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