Shotgun 2.0 Handföng

6.990 kr.

Your child will love riding up front with the Shotgun 2.0 handlebars. Secure allen key fixing, combined with our custom 19mm pro grips, make for a great addition to any Shotgun seat setup.

Ekki til á lager

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  • Handlebar accessory for the Shotgun child bike seat (all models).
  • Allen key fixing for easy fitting, removal and adjustment.
  • 250mm bars with 19mm undersized grips for little hands.
  • Fits 25.4mm, 31.8mm and 35mm handlebar diameters, with full rubber handlebar protection.
  • Suitable for flat or riser style handlebars.
  • Fits stems up to 75mm wide.

Warmer hands, grippier bars
The shotgun bars give your little one a warmer and grippier place to hold onto whilst riding.

No more unexpected gear changes
With their own bars to hold onto, your little one is less likely to play with your gears, brakes and dropper post!

Will the Shotgun bars fit my bike?
The Shotgun bars are 250mm in length, and are designed to fit 25.4mm 31.8mm & 35mm handlebars

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