Shift/Brake Lever 2g R8050 DI2

49.990 kr.

The SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8050 DI2 DUAL CONTROL LEVERS feature an updated button feel and layout ensuring quick, precise shifting even while wearing thick gloves. The new levers also feature a greater range of reach adjust and a programmable ST button switch stop the hood.

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  • More intuitive shifting operation
  • Updated features and a better click feel
  • Clearer separation between shift buttons support quick and precise shifting when wearing thicker gloves
  • Customizable functionality to match the rider’s style
  • Each switch has the option for multi-shift ON or OFF
  • Programmable ST top button remote switch for third party cycle computer and shifting
  • More Reach Adjust range


  • ST-R8050
  • Road
  • Position: Left
  • Lever type: Dual Control
  • Front speeds: 2
  • Shifter type: Dual Control

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