Pedalar XTR M9120

44.990 kr.

Ultimate downhill control in race conditions. Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic cage around the SPD bind to stabilise the foot, the XTR M9120s are elite performance pedals designed to optimise control and confidence when tackling narrow trails and technical descents. Designed for World Tour enduro, trail and all-mountain racers, where all-out downhill speed is key.

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Developed with pure downhill performance in mind, the XTR M9120 Pedals provide precision control for enduro, trail and all-mountain racers. The key to this performance is in the addition of a rigid outer cage, which expands the contact area to improve control over the pedal while also helping to guide the foot back towards the SPD bind after unclipping on technical sections. On the flats and climbs, this cage enables better transmission to increase your speed across the course.Shimano’s slimmest ever axle enables an ultra-low SPD bind position, reducing the distance between sole and pedal axle for enhanced foot stability and minimal wasted energy.

  • Wide-bearing placement for rigidity and uniform load distribution
  • Extra long and wide pedal-to-shoe contact area
  • Wider platform increases stability and control when not clipped in
  • Pedal design protects binding mechanism
  • Slimmer axle housing better sheds mud and debris