Keðja GX Eagle Solid 12g

9.990 kr.

The GX Eagle chain is designed with SRAM’s Eagle geometry, the GX Eagle chain features solid pin construction, Eagle PowerLock and smooth, efficient shifting that you can count on every time out.

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  • All-new Eagle PowerLock chain connector with FLOW LINK technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity
  • Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle cassettes and rings
  • Speed (CN) – 12s-Eagle
  • Outer Link Finish: Nickel
  • Color, Outer Link: Silver
  • Inner Link Finish: Black Oxide
  • Color, Inner Link: Black
  • Chain Connector: PowerLock
  • Chain Length: 126 links
  • Pin Variant: Solid Pin
  • Weight: 244g
  • Weight based on: 114 links