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The road e-bike tire for all conditions. A water-channeling tread, efficient rolling, and confident cornering, engineered specifically for the high cargo loads and higher speeds of e-bikes zipping around city streets. The e-Randonneur is also reinforced on the rolling strip with a burly rubber breaker, which prolongs life and resists punctures. Early departure or late return? Reflective sidewalls catch light – and the attention of motorists and pedestrians – in low-light conditions.

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The e-Randonneur’s efficiency and grip also translate in dry conditions, making it the ideal e-bike tire for commuting or touring in the temperamental shoulder seasons or climates that are prone to sudden storms. The weather may change, but your tire doesn’t have to.

33-TPI Nylon Casing
A long-lasting nylon casing, engineered to resist the roughest roads, gravel pedestrian trails, and hardpack fire while commuting or touring.

Graphene 1C Compound
Rubber, infused with Graphene to minimize rolling resistance, enhance traction, and reduce the road noise and vibrations that filter up through the tires.

The Graphene-infused compound boosts rolling efficiency on the center strip and adds predictable, reliable grip on the shoulders. The classic road tread pattern across the rolling surface further increases grip and channels water away from the tire’s contact patch. The burly nylon casing is further reinforced with a 1.3mm rubber breaker, helping to prevent flats and extending the tire’s functional life.

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