Terreno Mix Gravel

14.990 kr.

The reinforced gravel tire for all conditions. A bit of turf, a trough of muck, a stretch of pavement, a sprinkling of gravel. For most tires, that’s an impossible combination of terrain; for the Terreno Mix, it’s just a bike ride. All conditions, all terrains, all types of riding. When we say “mix,” we mean everything – the Terreno Mix is the most versatile tire in our gravel series. The tire’s mix of tread types supports speed on the straights and biting security off camber or in mud without muddying the connection between you and any surface. When conditions do turn sloppy, the tire’s spacious tread shrugs off mud and clingy, loamy soil.

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Mix Tread
A self-cleaning, fast-rolling center strip reduces rolling resistance on straights. Aggressive shoulder knobs adapted from mountain bike tires bite into corners and off camber sections.

20 TPI Nylon Casing
An ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant sheath of long-lasting protection, the casing for long-distance epics and multi-day bikepacking trips. When you’re on your own for dozens or even hundreds of miles, reliability is everything.

Graphene 1C Compound
Rubber, infused with Graphene to minimize rolling resistance and resist punctures. Graphene effectively fills the gaps between rubber molecules, creating a reinforced structure that’s lighter, more efficient, and also more durable.

The Terreno Mix’s Graphene-infused compound is more durable, faster, and lighter than rubber alone, and it’s reinforced with the ultra-durable, supple Endurance nylon casing with additional layers of puncture protection on the center strip and side walls. The fast-rolling center knobs actively clear debris and muck, and the shoulders bite while cornering or off camber.

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2.0, 38mm