Bremsupúðar Promax S3

2.990 kr.

  • Affix: S3
  • Suitable for brakes of following brand(s): Promax, Shimano (no original spare part), Tektro (no original spare part)
  • Suitable for models:
    • Shimano Deore: mechanisch BR-M 515LA, hydraulisch BR-M 525, BR-M 415/65/75/85/95, BR-C 501/601/7
    • Promax: DSK-909 (Art. 360545/6)
    • Tektro: A uriga (Comp, E-Comp, Draco, Orion, Pro), Flat Mount (Art. 360410)
  • Details: sinter, with stainless steel replacement clip

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