Bremsudiskur 203mm 6 bolt

7.490 kr.

Ultra-lightweight and stylish, the XLC Brake Disc BR-X02 breaks away from traditional silver coloured disc rotors and brings a bit of flair to your bike. The rotors will fit most disc brake systems and come in enough choice for every discipline, whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, or anything in between. The 6-hole bolt attachment makes the XLC Brake Disc BR-X02 compatible with most disc brake bikes, and the mounting screws are included in the box for ease of installation. Constructed from lightweight steel, the red centred silver disc offers a bit of colour to your build, while maintaining extreme stopping power no matter the terrain or weather conditions you ride through.

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  • very light brake disc made of steel
  • 6-hole
  • incl. mounting screws
  • red/silver