Bike Bundle II

10.990 kr.

The SP Connect™ Bike Bundle II allows you to attach your smartphone to your bike in seconds.

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Mount the Universal Bike Mount in one of two mounting options (with or without an angle-adjustable arm) on your handlebar or stem and you’re ready to attach the SP Connect™ Phone Case (or Universal Phone Case) by placing it on the bracket and turning it clockwise 90°.

Your smartphone is now securely positioned in your field of view, allowing you to navigate or access apps. Use the Weather Cover to protect your phone from rain, dirt and for extra impact resistance.

Compatible with all SP Connect products
Safe locking by 90° rotation
Additional smartphone protection

Phone Case

  • Slim, protective, functional
  • Use of all ports and buttons
  • 3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguardin
  • QI charging remains possible

Weather Cover

  • Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud
  • Adds shock resistance to your phone
  • Usability of the touchscreen remains possible

Universal Bike Mount

  • Tool-less mounting on the handlebar / stem
  • Adapters for round or flat surfaces
  • Arm for angle adjustment
  • Portrait / landscape format optional
  • 2 mounting options (A / B)
  • For diameters of 22-32mm

Included in box

1x Phone Case
1x Weather Cover
1x Universal Bike Mount
1x StandTool



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