Moto Scooter Bundle

8.990 kr.

Fasten your smartphone to your motorcycle in seconds with the SP MOTO SCOOTER BUNDLE UNIVERSAL CLAMP SPC+ and enjoy easy access to navigation and apps. In this set, intended primarily for motorcyclists, you will find the UNIVERSAL PHONE CLAMP SPC+ and the MIRROR MOUNT holder.

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This universal clamp is adjustable without the use of tools and is suitable for phones with a width between 58-85 mm. Perfect even if you use multiple phones. Adjusting the clamps is simple. Just pull out the crown on the holder, turn to tighten the clamps and push the crown back to secure the phone.

Thanks to this practical holder, you can easily attach your smartphone to the mirror of a motorcycle or scooter. Can be attached to mirrors with Ø 10 – 16 mm, so it really fits most motorcycles. By attaching the Phone Case and the patented twist to lock mechanism, the phone is securely attached directly in your field of vision. The holder enables 360° rotation, thanks to which you can set the ideal position of the device. SP Mirror Mount is also compatible with SP Gadgets and GoPro mounts. Control your devices comfortably and safely while riding your motorcycle.