Pedalar M25

8.990 kr.

Pedal safely without worrying about your foot slipping around with the XLC Flat Pedal PD-M25. The definition of durable, the pedals are made from a single block of strong aluminium alloy. This combined with the tough steel axle means that they are able to take the strain and allow you to pedal with determination and strength. With dimensions of 118x110x23mm, these large, flat platform pedals are designed to maximise foot-to-pedal contact. Each pedal is dotted with 20 pins to help optimise grip. The PD-M25 pedal uses cartridge bearings, meaning they need to be maintained far less frequently. PD-M25 is compatible with a 9/16” thread, making it suitable for use on a majority of adult bikes.

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  • aluminium body, one-piece
  • boron axle
  • sliding bearing, cartridge type
  • 20 pins per pedal
  • dimensions: 131 (118) x 110 x 23 mm, flat design

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