Framskiptir GRX RX400

9.990 kr.

The SHIMANO GRX RX400 front derailleur offer lighter front shifting operation and easier setup thanks to the new link construction and integrated cable tensioner. It features a 2.5mm outboard chain line design to allow wider tire clearance for mixed-terrain riding.

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  • Lighter front shifting
  • Ergonomic power curve
  • New link (toggle) construction
  • Natural stroke feeling
  • Wider tire clearance
  • Chainline +2.5 mm vs. conventional road FD
  • Compatible with up to 42 mm tires
  • Precise and easy front derailleur adjustment
  • More cable routing options
  • New link (toggle) construction
  • Integrated cable tension adjustment


  • Cable Route Type: DOWN PULL
  • Mount: BRAZED-ON
  • Pull Type: Down-pull
  • Fixing type: Brazed-on
  • Speeds Front: 2
  • Speeds Rear: 10
  • Total capacity: 16T
  • Top gear teeth: 46T
  • Rear Speeds: 10
  • Front Speeds: 2