Framskiptir DI2 GRX

69.990 kr.

The SHIMANO GRX RX815 DI2 front derailleur delivers quick and smooth front shifting even under high pedaling torque. It’s designed for a wider, 17T front range and it has programmed chain guide trim settings and can be used in full or semi SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT modes.

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  • Wider tire clearance
  • Chainline +2.5 mm vs. conventional road FD
  • Wider range front gearing
  • 17T front range
  • FD-RX815
  • Front Derailleur
  • Bike Discipline: Gravel
  • Total capacity: 17T
  • Mount type: Brazed On
  • Swing action type: Down Swing
  • DI2 mechanical: DI2
  • Top gear teeth: 46-50T
  • Compatible chain: HG-EV 11-speed/ HG-X11
  • Front speeds: 2 Chainrings
  • Adapter Type: Brazed-On
  • Rear speeds: 11