Disc Brake Hose BH59 1700mm

7.490 kr.

Designed for use with SERVO WAVE high power brake levers and ONE WAY BLEEDING calipers, the SM-BH59-JK-SS Brake Hose uses straight/straight style connectors.

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  • Intuitive operation and ergonomics
  • High-end style short brake lever
  • I-spec compatible
  • Balance of power and control
  • SERVO WAVE high power brake lever (Same brake power as DEORE M615)
  • Easy and clean bleeding
  • ONE WAY BLEEDING caliper
  • Funnel bleeding tool
  • Standard hose: SM-BH59
  • Opposed 2-piston design
  • Designed for resin pad only (B01S)
  • BH59-JK-SS
  • Cuttable: Yes
  • Length: 1700 mm
  • Connection Type: Straight-Straight