Bremsudiskur 160mm EM600

8.490 kr.

SHIMANO RT-EM600 disc brake rotors for speed sensor systems provide consistent and powerful braking on rugged mountain bike trails. The robust and durable ICE TECHNOLOGIES rotors significantly reduces heat build-up in the brake system to ensure consistent high performance braking even on the steepest downhill stretches. SHIMANO’s CENTER LOCK mounting system makes installing and removing rotors quick and easy thanks to the spine mount and lock ring design.

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  • CENTER LOCK disc brake system
  • Narrow type disc brake rotor
  • Recommended Brake kit: M6000/MT520/MT420
  • RT-EM600
  • Bike Discipline: E-Bike
  • Pad Compatibility: Metal, Resin
  • Rotor Material Disc Brake: Steel
  • Rotor size: 160 mm
  • Mount type: Center Lock Type