Bremsubarki 5mm (1m)

1.290 kr.

  • Ø 5mm
  • robust casing
  • steel inner spiral
  • polymer inner casing
  • low friction resistance

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The XLC Brake Outer Shell BR-X19 is the perfect addition to your bike’s cables. It’s a robust outer casing that provides protection to your inner cables while looking stylish in either black or white colourways. It provides low friction resistance with the inner cables meaning your braking won’t be compromised. They can be used on calliper and disc brakes making them adaptable and versatile. Each outer shell is 5mm in diameter and contains a steel inner spiral which helps give the casing some rigidity without being too stiff to restrict cable movement. A polymer inner casing extends the life of the cables by promoting anti-corrosion and low friction. These outers can be used on most types of bikes, from road to mountain.