Bílfesting Beluga 2 hjól 60kg E-Bike

89.990 kr.

Whether you’re going on a cross-country trip or taking the family on holiday, travelling with your bike (or bikes) has never been easier thanks to the XLC Rear Carrier Towbar Mounted Beluga VC-C03. It attaches to the tow bar of your car or van and is available with space to carry two bicycles. It has a space for you to place a license plate and includes approved rear lights. This carrier is suitable for use with mountain, trekking, city, road and race bikes as well as e-bikes, with a maximum load capacity of 60kg. It uses a quick-release system and is lockable and simple to fold up when not in use.

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  • bike carrier for mounting on the towbar coupling (lockable)
  • material: aluminium
  • capacity: two bikes
  • suitable for e-bikes
  • collapsible carrier
  • quick-release system, lockable (lock)
  • can be folded down using foot pedal
  • with holder arm for all wheels
  • homologated rear lights
  • 13 pin connection
  • max. tyre width 80mm, max. wheel base 1250mm
  • tare weight for two bikes 14.6 kg
  • load capacity: max. 60 kg