Apollon K1.1 USB

6.490 kr.

The M-Wave Apollon K1.1 USB is not only a design highlight, it also has premium technilogy to offer. It’s waterproof, elegant silicone housing has a white LED of the well-known manufacturer Cree, with a luminosity of 25 Lux. To be compared to a streetlights brightness: only 10 Lux to the ground. The integrated Lithium-Polymer-quick charge battery can be charges via the included USB cable. And the best thing about the Apollon L1.1 USB: it has just 86 grams of selfweight. The lamp also has a German approval number which indicates it’s great quality. Just put the M-wave lamp to your bike with it’s universal siliconebracket and get going!

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Vörunúmer: 0100643139 Flokkur: Brand:


  • 1 mode(s)
  • lithium polymer battery (rechargeable)
  • light intensity 25 LUX
  • with German approval number


  • colour: black
  • weight: 86 g
  • type of lamp: CREE LED
  • white LED(s): 1
  • light intensity: 25 LUX
  • modes total: 1 mode(s)
  • bracket details: integrated silicone bracket
  • diameter of bracket: 22.2 – 32 mm
  • type of battery: lithium polymer battery (rechargeable)
  • details: battery level indicator/charge control indicator, silicone casing
  • waterproofness: water protection
  • mounting: toolless mounting
  • Material general: Plastic
  • battery details: chargeable by USB connector, incl. charging cable
  • mounting position: mounting on the handlebar