Twister Nexus 7g C3000

4.290 kr.

The SL-C3000 shift lever is compatible with the SHIMANO NEXUS INTER-7 internal geared hub. The lever features a low-effort rotational shift action that doesn’t depend on finger strength and allows riders to keep their hands on the handlebar while shifting. It also includes SHIMANO’s OPTICAL GEAR DISPLAY, which shows riders what gear position is selected while riding.

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  • Improved overall internal geared hub system efficiency
  • Upgraded internal structure for a more precise shifting feel
  • New and updated design, complementing the NEXUS series
  • Deluxe version (SL-C3000-7-DX)
  • SL-C3000
  • Bike Discipline: City Touring/Comfort
  • Shifter type: Revoshifter
  • Rear speeds: 7
  • Optical Gear Display: Window
  • Position: Rear