Sveifar Delta E-Bike

16.990 kr.

Miranda’s award-winning Delta crank is manufactured through a proprietary cold-forging process with cutting-edge metal processing technologies. A dedicated engineering process to eliminate weak points by distributing loads is seamlessly applied to produce a lightweight crank without compromising its exceptional resistance to fatigue and high-impact stress. The Delta is available in several new finishes that take advantage of its minimalist aesthetics and clean design, which make it a sophisticated enhancement to any bicycle’s overall look. The singular Delta will give a distinct touch of exclusivity to any bicycle.

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What’s included

  • Right and left crank arms, installation bolts


  • Weight – 420 g
  • Crank Arm Material – Cold-forged aluminium alloy
  • Available Arm Lengths – 165, 170, and 175mm
  • Crank Finish – Black matte
  • Interface – ISIS, JIS (Powerspline), BNI (Square)

Nánari upplýsingar


Matte Black


ISIS 165Q:16, Powerspline 170Q:16, Square 175Q:8

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