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Stærðartöflur hér fyrir neðan.

Öll má skal taka þegar staðið er upprétt með hendur og fætur aðeins í sundur.

  1. Brjóst - mál af brjóstkassa, undir handakrika, með hendur afslappaðar niður með síðum. Takið mál samsíða gólfi.
  2. Mitti - yfir mjaðmir og rasskinnar. Takið mál samsíða gólfi.

* Ummál fyrir tvíhöfða er mælt 14 cm niður handlegginn frá axlarbeini
** Ummál fyrir læri er mælt 10 cm niður frá klofi


XS89-94 cm74-79 cm
S94-99 cm79-84 cm
M99-104 cm84-89 cm
L104-109 cm89-94 cm
XL109-114 cm94-99 cm
2XL114-119 cm99-104 cm


StærðUtan um úlnlið
XS7 cm
S8 cm
M9 cm
L10 cm
XL11 cm
2XL12 cm

Hlífar & Warmers

Arm & ElbowS-MM-LL-XL
Ummál tvíhöfða*upp að 30 cm30-35 cmyfir 35 cm
Ummál á læri**upp að 52 cm52-60 cmyfir 60 cm
Ummál á læri**upp að 57 cm-yfir 57 cm


StærðSkóstærð - EUR

Stærðartaflan er fyrir herrafatnað frá 

Skóhlífar Road

7.990 kr.

Best-selling waterproof neoprene overshoe that insulates and protects your feet from the rain and cold – universally loved by roadies worldwide.

  • Smooth neoprene construction and welded asymmetric seam give super smooth styling and waterproofing
  • Offset rear zip with snap down puller and zip guard
  • Crank rub protection print
  • Reflective rear zip tape
  • Hard wearing stitching using aramid thread
Vörunúmer: 0100637639 Flokkar: , Brand:


Design Philosophy
Endura were the first to employ neoprene in bike overshoes. Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we have revamped our core road overshoe with several new features to keep it one step ahead of the competition. A core stalwart of our collection, the neoprene Road Overshoe has been a best-seller in our range for many years. Here in Scotland, we know a thing or two about wet weather gear and this waterproof durable overshoe is the result of years of testing in the worst possible conditions.
Comfort was a key consideration when updating the Road Overshoe. To improve pedalling comfort, the decision was taken to off-set the rear zip, moving at away from the flex point behind your ankle reducing the chance of it digging in.

Smooth neoprene outer face creates a surface that water naturally runs off, keeping your feet warm and dry inside. A durable sole with cleat access points stitched with a bulletproof aramid thread that extends the lifespan of our product beyond more flimsy alternatives on the market.

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Black, Gular


S, M, L, XL, XXL