Seatpost Dropper T10

35.990 kr.

The SP-T10 is a telescopic seat post which comes with a CNC-hard anodised remote lever for smooth and reliable saddle height adjustment no matter the weather or season. Its clever design includes an air-oil cartridge for consistent performance and a ‘Low Profile’ one-piece patent head for lower mounting heights. Constructed using aluminium 6061-T6 for the ultimate combination of strength and light weight. The height adjustment on the SP-T10 is 80mm, making it the perfect companion for shorter riders, or taller riders who don’t require as much adjustment. The seat post maintains a 0mm offset for the saddle so you can sit over the bottom bracket for maximum power output during pedalling sections. The recommended rider weight is between 60-120kg.

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  • CNC hard anodised remote lever
  • upper and lower saddle clamp CNC machined
  • working principle: Air-oil cartridge
  • replaceable cartridge
  • ‘Low profile’ one-piece patented head
  • low installation height
  • mounting height: 182mm
  • tube length: 218mm

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