Seat Pack Elite XL 1.73-2.23L

8.490 kr.

Plenty of room for much more. Like a trusty friend, the Bontrager Elite seat pack is always at your side. Built with durable nylon to handle road grime from incredible adventures, its lightweight construction cradles your essentials throughout your favourite rides.

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  • The hook-and-loop saddle attachment keeps the bag firmly connected to your bike
  • The low-profile seatpost attachment prevents the bag from swinging while riding
  • Internal pockets securely hold credit cards and valuables
  • The loop on the front of the bag easily attaches clips for rear lights
  • Reflective elements enhance visibility for maximum safety in any conditions
  • The light and robust material holds up to elements without contaminating contents
  • 22.5cm (l) x 10.5cm (w) x 11cm (h)

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