Reflective Strap

2.490 kr.

The hand-stitched reflective straps for fastening trouser legs are made completely from recycled materials and are produced in collaboration with workshops for disable people.

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In collaboration with workshops for disable people, we have developed reflective straps. Hand-produced in Berlin and made entirely from ORTLIEB leftover materials, they are a genuine highlight for every cyclist. With a broad and sturdy Velcro fastener, the straps are 42 cm long and 5 cm wide and can hold any trouser leg firmly in place at the ankle to protect your clothes against dirt from the chain.


  • This is a single product, not a set
  • The color of the reflective strap you receive is selected randomly and cannot be individually chosen


  • Reflective strip made of 3M reflective material for more greater visibility in road traffic
  • Size 42 cm