Rapid Ceramic Shield Kit

5.990 kr.

Rapid Ceramic Shield is engineered for hydrophobic protection in the harshest conditions. Unmatched protection and durability ensures water, mud, tree sap and oils slide straight off the frame, keeping your bike cleaner and protected for longer. Rapid Ceramic Shield protects the frame by filling the nano imperfections in the lacquer or top layer creating a smooth, strong and durable hydrophobic coating. Suitable for matte, gloss and natural finishes. Rapid Ceramic Shield is an ideal gift option. Use Rapid Ceramic Shield between rides for best results.

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USE: Spray Rapid Ceramic Shield onto the grey short pile cloth (wet cloth first for best results). Wipe down the bike frame avoiding contact with discs and other braking services. Buff frame using premium long pile cloth. Repeat process between rides for best results.

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