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SHIMANO DEORE’s SL-M6000 shift lever offers light and responsive shifting for all mountain bike riding styles. The SL-M6000-IL RAPIDFIRE PLUS lever features 2-WAY RELEASE, which allows for relief shifts by either pull of the index finger or push of the thumb and SHIMANO’s I-SPEC B mounting system creates a cleaner and lighter bar setup.

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  • Light and smooth operation with vivid index
  • OPTISLICK cable
  • Precise and consistent shifting performance
  • Ergonomic lever shape and easy lever access
  • Intuitive and readily visible OPTICAL GEAR DISPLAY
  • One shifter for double and triple use


  • SL-M6000
  • MTB
  • Ispec compatible: I-Spec II
  • Shifter type: Rapid Fire Plus
  • Optical Gear Display: Without
  • Position: Left
  • Release function: 2-Way Release
  • Front speeds: 2/3 Chainrings