Pumpa Air Support HP Pro S

7.990 kr.

Extend the hidden hose on the Air Support HP Pro pump, and thread it onto your Presta valve for secure inflation of your road tyres. Designed with a smaller volume chamber for higher-pressure tyres, this premium pump allows you to quickly inflate tyres up to 120 psi. Stow it in your jersey pocket, or use the included bracket to mount it under your bottle cage.

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  • Bontrager premium-quality road pump with smaller volume chamber for higher pressure tires
  • Fits snugly inside jersey pocket
  • Inflate to 120 psi (8.25 bar) with little effort
  • Extendible, hidden hose reduces stress at valve when pumping at higher pressures
  • Threaded head securely locks onto Presta valves
  • Mounting bracket fits easily under bottle cage