Pico 50-55cm

9.990 kr.

The ALPINA PICO is a bike helmet for kids and youths. The inmold construction, fly screen, plenty of ventilation openings and the high-quality adjustment system make the helmet safe and comfortable to wear. The built-in visor on the ALPINA PICO is particularly striking, offering protection from direct sunlight and extra safety in the event of a fall. Three ventilation openings are integrated into it to prevent heat build-up. Another twelve ventilation openings ensure that the head is well ventilated, even on especially hot days. Fly screens on the front keep insects from wandering into the helmet. The Run System Ergo Flex+ provides comfort and optimal adjustment possibilities. The light and delicate design clings evenly to the head and thus increases protection. The Run System can be adjusted by means of a fine ratchet system. Thanks to the inmold construction, with which the Hi-EPS inner shell under the outer shell is foamed under high pressure and heat, the ALPINA PICO FLASH is lightweight yet secure.

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Ceramic Shell
Durable outer shell thanks to the 3 shell construction

Custom Fit
Individual helmet adjustment thanks to tilting adjustment system on back of head

Easy-to-operate belt buckle with twist-proof, multi-stage automatic lock

Optimum impact absorption thanks to Hi-EPS material made from microscopic little air chambers

Low weight thanks to the inmold production where the upper shell is thermally connected with the Hi-EPS

Run System Ergo+
With the Run System Ergo+, which can be combined with the height-adjustable Custom Fit System, the helmet can be perfectly adapted to your head shape

Adjustable straps by ears

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