Pedalar M8120 Deore XT

26.990 kr.

Race performance pedals for enduro, trail and all-mountain. Taking the design and ingenuity of the cage-integrated M8020s to another level, the Deore XT M8120 Pedals bring a whole new degree of control and performance to trail, enduro and all-mountain racers. For 2020, these pedals feature an even wider cage platform for increased confidence as you speed downhill, while a more rounded axle edge sheds mud better for cleaner pedal contact.

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The Deore XT M8120 Pedals are optimised for enduro, trail and all-mountain racing, with an even thiner, wider platform cage for 2020 to maximise control and confidence as you speed down the mountain. For help clipping back in after foot-down slides, this platform helps your foot find the SPD bind for exceptional stability and engagement, while also protecting the pedal against damaging rock strikes.The SPD bind’s strengthened retention claws hold the shoe firmly in place as you speed across rough trail sections and tear through tight corners, while its offset binding design sheds mud off the pedal surface to maximise hold and pedal control.

  • Wide pedal-to-shoe contact
  • Lower platform height for pedaling stability
  • Integrated cage increases stability and control when not clipped in and protects binding mechanism against impacts
  • Robust retention claws provide smooth engagement and release
  • Customize the entry and release tension settings
  • Strong, durable chrome-molly spindle with 8 mm hex wrench mount


  • PD-M8120
  • Off Road
  • Cleat Type: Off-Road (SPD)
  • Binding: Dual Sided