MudRocker Aftur

9.990 kr.

Rear mudguard for mountain bikes. The best solution in the case of all eventualities: the SKS mudguard made of fiberglass reinforced plastic in a black, matt-gloss design is integrated on the rear wheel in such a way that the frame and wheel form a single unit. The very long mudguard perfectly deflects dirt and spray water. Another advantage: the MUDROCKER is also suitable for full suspension bikes and mountain bikes with a Vario seat post. It is mounted on the seat bars of the rear fork with rubberised hook and loop fasteners. The soft, wedge-shaped pad in the mounting brackets protects the frame, can be rotated and used in two different positions for height adjustment. Like this, the distance to the tyre can be perfectly adjusted.

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Can be ideally integrated on the rear wheel

Another type of protection is provided by the extender which can optionally be inserted and slid towards the seat bar. It can be specifically adapted using scissors and provides protection against dirt in the bottom bracket area and on the derailleur. In addition, a further extension provides even more protection against splashing water. If necessary, it can be easily attached to the lower rear end of the mudguard. Hook and loop fasteners and a frame protection film are included.

  • Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Mounting with rubberised hook and look fasteners
  • Ideal for mountain bikes, also those with a Vario seat post
  • Clip-on extender and extension
  • Made in Germany

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