Massage Oil 200ml

4.990 kr.

In the saddle, in the gym, on the pitch – sore muscles are proof that you’ve pushed your body to its limits.

Designed to relax aching body parts post-workout, Athlete Performance Warming Massage Oil is perfect for working away knots and strains that have been picked up during exercise.

Natural ingredients like ginger extract help to ease tension by creating a mild warming sensation, whilst tsubaki oil and arnica extract are nature’s answer in helping skin feel suppler.

Simply drizzle over the body part and knead with a mild to moderate pressure. Or put a few drops into a warm bath for total body relaxation.

This is Warming Massage Oil. This is Athlete Performance.

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  • Must-have for any athlete’s daily body care regime
  • Creates a mild warming sensation
  • Helps ease tired muscles after intense exercise
  • Contains natural ingredients such as arnica & ginger extracts