Lockring Tool S14

1.490 kr.

The XLC sprocket remover wrench TO-S14 is specifically designed to remove older Shimano UG freewheel sprockets, also known as a „twist-tooth“ design. If you’re new to DIY bike mechanics, then this is the ideal tool to get started with. Removing Shimano UG freewheel sprockets is a relatively straightforward task, but with the correct tool, like the TO-S14, this can be a job done in no time, allowing you to progress to more complex tasks at hand. As with all of XLC’s range of tools, this particular sprocket remover wrench is machined using fine tolerances that provide a secure and positive feel while carrying out maintenance. So, when it’s time to swap your freewheel sprockets, use this handy sprocket remover from XLC.

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