Lás Elite U-Lock 12mm

9.990 kr.

Bontrager has partnered with ABUS to offer best-in-class bike security. The Elite keyed U-lock features a 9mm soft-touch steel shackle that resists cutting and double-bolting lock action for added anti-twist protection. Add in industry-leading corrosion protection and a double layered key cylinder and you get lasting protection with a durable, secure u-lock. Includes on-bike mount, cable, and two keys.

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  • 9mm temper hardened steel for secure, versatile U-Lock protection with included cable
  • Double bolting shackle provides anti-twist protection
  • Premium double-layered cylinder core provides added protection against picking
  • Soft-touch coating for a smooth look and feel that protects bike from scratching
  • Simple mount installs in seconds for simple, versatile on-bike storage
  • Industry leading corrosion resistance
  • Includes U-Lock, bike mount, cable, and 2 keys (replacement keys available)
  • Security rating 8