Kassetta R7000 11g 11-32T

17.990 kr.

Crisp, lightweight shifting. The 105 R7000 11-Speed Cassette offers lightweight and durable gearing for a performance-oriented ride. Hyperglide technology means crisp and precise shifting on even the steepest of climbs. A perfect companion to the SHIMANO 105 R7000 groupset, the R7000 cassette is available in a wide range of road and mixed surface ratios. It is compatible with HG-EV and HG-X11 chains.

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  • Precise shifting under load. Hyperglide technology ensures clean, crisp gear changes thanks to specially positioned shift ramps and teeth profiles, allowing the chain to glide across the gears.
  • Lightweight and durable. Minimal in weight considering its large gear range, while the chrome-plated finish offers long-lasting durability against the elements.
  • Efficient gear and cadence control. The close range gearing of Dyna-Sys11 technology means more stable and efficient shifting, translating to reduced momentum or rhythm loss when changing through gears.
  • Optimised rigidity. Drilled sprockets on lightweight alloy carriers increases rigidity, maximising the power received from every pedal stroke.
  • Fine-tuned construction. Sprockets feature weight-saving cut aways along with a strong alloy lockring for a secure connection to the freewheel.
  • 11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32


  • CS-R7000
  • Road
  • Compatible chain: HG-EV 11-speed/ HG-X11
  • Combination Name: 11-32
  • Speeds: 11
  • Type: Hyper Glide-EV
  • Wear Out Part: Yes
  • Gear teeth: 11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32