Dropper Lever Under-Bar

8.990 kr.

The Line Elite Dropper Under Bar Lever is the perfect replacement lever for the Line Elite Dropper and an awesome upgrade to a previous Drop Line or Line Dropper Seatpost. The long lever design and textured paddle make for an ergonomic feel with consistent reliability that’ll make you want to use your dropper more.

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  • Cable-actuated remote lever for the Bontrager Line Elite Dropper Seatpost
  • Compatible with most other cable-actuated dropper seatposts
  • Designed to ergonomically replace the left shifter on 1x drivetrains
  • Textured thumb paddle provides grip in all conditions
  • Includes hardware for Shimano I-Spec II compatibility
  • Remove band clamp for SRAM MatchMaker compatibility
  • Shift cable sold separately