Dekk 700x28C AW3 HCL

9.990 kr.

A performance road tyre with best-in-class defence against flats and a long-lasting tread for confidence in all conditions. More fun, fewer flats. AW3 is the set-it-and-forget-it tyre for road riders and commuters. It rolls fast and keeps the flats away with improved Hard-Case Lite puncture protection. Plus, it’s made with a proprietary TR-Endure rubber compound and a lightly treaded design for confidence and traction.

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  • Leading puncture protection with traction for confidence in all conditions
  • Improved Hard-Case Lite puncture protection provides best-in-class defence against flats
  • The proprietary TR-Endure compound delivers long lasting-traction in all conditions
  • A smooth-rolling, lightly treaded design with siping channels for traction and all-weather confidence