Bremsupúðar Saint BP-O20 Organic

2.990 kr.

Designed using organic compounds, XLC Disc Brake Pads BP-BO20 are a pair of super stopping pads for a number of braking systems. They can be used all year round and are considered quieter, even in wet weather than other compounds of brake pads. The organic recipe also means the pads can last longer than other types without compromising on braking performance. They can be purchased only with an orange backing, but come with included fastening clips to make installation easier.

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  • 1 set of disc brake pads consisting of 2 pads
  • Rear side of brake pad orange: Organic pad for all weather conditions
  • Ensures a balanced ratio between braking performance and long mileage
  • Suitable for Shimano Saint BR-M810, ZEE BR-M640, BR-M820, TRP Quadiem, Quadiem SL, Slate, Zurich
  • Brake Pad material – Organic
  • Allroad