Bremsupúðar M985 Organic

2.990 kr.

The XLC Disc Brake Pads M985 is an organic brake pad suitable for all weather conditions. The composition of the pads ensures a fine balance between powerful stopping and a longer lifespan. Suitable for Shimano BR-M985 disc brake systems only, please make sure your bike is compatible before buying this product. They are available in either orange or black backing, while the pads are uncoloured. Whether you’re a mountain biker pushing the limits on a black diamond trail or a city rider getting to work all year round, the XLC Disc Brake Pads can be used in all weathers and all seasons with reliable results.

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  • Rear side of brake pad orange: Organic pad for all weather conditions
  • Ensures a balanced ratio between braking performance and long mileage
  • Suitable for Shimano BR-M985
  • Brake Pad material – Organic
  • Allroad