Bremsudiskur 160mm X82

7.990 kr.

Designed to be used with centre lock mounts, the XLC Brake Disc BR-X82 is a reliable and stylish brake disc that doesn’t compromise on performance. XLC have CNC machined this disc which leads to a more precision cut and reduces waste in the manufacturing process. It’s a high-quality disc with die cuts placed in the brake band in precise areas in order to efficiently cool the rotor, even after extreme use, to maintain braking performance. The brake band is rounded in such a way as to reduce the risk of injury, and it also includes a wear indicator so you can tell when your disc needs replacement.

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  • Centerlock
  • Chamferred edge band design minimises the risk of injurie
  • Perforations in the brake band for exact, even brake performance
  • Material spider: Aluminium, CNC-made, black anodised
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Incl. wear-out indicator