Battery 500Wh – Frame

149.990 kr.

  • For Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX
  • Anthracite, 500 Wh
  • Including Hazardous goods box and operating instructions
  • 25% more range than the PowerPack 400 but only 4% heavier
  • 40-cell packs with the highest energy density (190 Wh / kg) and the lowest weight (2.7 kg) and volume
  • Integrated battery management system ensures high mileage and long service life
  • No memory effect and no self-discharge

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Product line compatibility

  • Active Line Plus (BDU3XX)
  • Active Line (BDU3XX)
  • Performance Line Speed(BDU4XX)
  • Performance Line (BDU3XX)
  • Cargo Line / Speed (BDU4XX)
  • Active Line (BDU2XX)
  • Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
  • Performance Line (BDU2XX)