Ultimate Six Map Case

4.990 kr.

If you like to use good old-fashioned maps on your bike tours, then the waterproof map case with roll-Velcro closure will be a welcome accessory for your ORTLIEB Ultimate handlebar bag. Use the attachment set to attach your map case to your Ultimate bag in seconds. You can even turn and fold the map. And when you’ve reached your destination, you can continue to use the map to chart your course no matter what the weather.

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Further features

  • Attachment set
  • Compatible with all Ultimate handlebar bags (except for the Ultimate Six Compact)
  • Transparent front and rear cover made of tear-resistant and UV-resistant polyurethane
  • Internal dimension: 28 x 27 cm
  • Suitable for all standard map formats


  • HxB: 27×28 cm
  • Weight 84g
  • Material: PF15
  • PVC Free
  • IP 64
  • Made in Germany

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