Tire Sealant 89ml

1.290 kr.

Bontrager’s latest TLR sealant seals faster, lasts longer and provides better air retention so you have a better tubeless experience with easier setup. The ammonia-free formula won’t corrode rims or degrade tyre rubber, and it provides permanent repair for punctures up to 6.5mm.

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  • Improved flat protection seals punctures faster
  • Increased air retention holds air longer with 3x less air loss than the original
  • Compatible with all TLR tyres for use on road, gravel and mountain bikes
  • Ammonia-free mixture won’t corrode alloy rims or degrade tyres
  • Effective in temperatures ranging from -21 to 49 degrees C (-5 to 120 degrees F)
  • Cool new blue colour
  • Use with Bontrager TLR wheels, sealant and rim strips for a complete tubeless system designed and tested to work together
  • Can be used in tubes to help seal punctures

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