Sveifasett 105 52/36T

39.990 kr.

Speed demon. The 105 R7000 Crankset efficiently transfers power to the drive chain, for road riders wanting to maximise their efforts with speed on the road.

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The redesigned SHIMANO 105 FC-R7000 crank balances weight and efficiency without sacrificing stiffness. Its wider gear pitch increases clearance with small gearings on modern 135mm O.L.D. frames.

  • 52/35T
  • 172.5mm
  • Multiple options provide greater choice
  • Optimum power transfer
  • Balances weight and efficiency without sacrificing stiffness
  • Rider Tuned performance with numerous gear combinations
  • Greater frame compatibility
  • Wider gear pitch increases chain clearance with small gearings and allows for 410 mm chain stays on 135 mm O.L.D.