Stans NoTubes Sealant 946ml

10.490 kr.

Next-level sealing power. Working with athletes who push themselves and their tubeless systems to the absolute limit, Stan’s developed a proprietary sealant formula with nearly twice the amount of standard sealing crystals and special ‘XL’ crystals capable of sealing even larger punctures. Stan’s Race Sealant’s combination of large and small sealing crystals interlock to form a lattice work that not only seals but strengthens and reinforces the area of the puncture, allowing for an entirely new level of sealing performance.

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  • Twice the sealing crystals compared to standard sealant
  • XL’ crystals and standard crystals combine to seal larger punctures
  • Premium low-viscosity latex stays liquid longer to seal faster
  • Natural materials are safe for the environment
  • Must be poured directly into tire, will clog valves and injectors
  • For best performance, inspect sealant every 2 weeks