Shift/Brake 2g Di2 TT

45.990 kr.

For time trial and triathlon use, the SHIMANO ULTEGRA ST-R8060 levers reduce drag thanks to their aerodynamic design. The one-button layout integrates seamlessly with SHIMANO’s SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT.

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  • Reduced drag through a better aerodynamic design
  • Eliminated the switch box of ST-6871 to make the design smaller and shorter
  • Intuitive shifting control
  • Keep a firm grip when shifting
  • Single button on each side of the shifting lever only works with SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT
  • ST-R8060
  • Bike Discipline: Road
  • Front speeds: 2 chainrings
  • Position: Left
  • Lever type: Dual Control
  • Shifter type: Dual Control

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