Sako7 Fade To Grey

4.990 kr.

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The Fade to Grey Edition is inspired from broken hearts and lonely Sundays. The only cure is those countless hours spent alone while cycling and losing yourself in the mesmerizing effects of your pedal revolutions.

  • Global leader, Sako7socks, have premium qualities that set us apart including:
  • A high thread and stitch count, for premium long lasting socks
  • Excellent ventilation and breath-ability to take you the distance
  • A no slip 6″ cuff for that perfect fit around the ankle area. Form fitting perfection.
  • Proprietary yarn retains color fastness wash after wash. They will look as bold now as they will a year from now! Literally.
  • So, for all those who like to ride ’em high and look amazing in the process, Sako7socks are no doubt for you!

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Neon Green


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