Pumpa Flash Charger TLR 2.0

24.990 kr.

Tubeless set-up made simple. TLR Flash Charger is the single-pump solution for daily use and at-home tubeless set-up. It functions just like a standard floor pump when set to ‘Inflate’. Switching it to ‘Charge’ gives the ability to pressurise a chamber and ‘flash release’ the stored air in order to seat tubeless tyres without a bulky air compressor. Plus, it has a broad, back-lit digital gauge that delivers accurate pressure readings all the way to 160 PSI.

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  • Dual-chamber design with Inflate setting allows for efficient use as a traditional floor pump
  • Set to Charge for a pressurised chamber that inflates tubeless ready (TLR) tyres without a compressor
  • Digital gauge provides easy-to-read accuracy up to 160 PSI (recommended maximum)
  • Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Included inflation accessories conveniently stored in handle