Kickster 12″ Flamingo Pink

29.990 kr.

Balance is everything when you’re learning how to ride, and Kickster is the perfect teaching tool for toddlers who are mastering this important skill. This kids’ balance bike doesn’t have pedals so balance is the only focus, plus it features a handle so you can support your little one while they get the hang of things. Kickster is ideal for kids who are roughly 85–100 cm tall.

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  • Balance bikes are hugely popular for a reason: they work!
  • This bike is a memory-maker: seeing your child ride their bike for the first time is something you’ll never forget
  • This bike is hand-me-down heaven: it’s built to last, so younger siblings can inherit this bike and it’ll still feel like new
  • You shouldn’t buy your kid’s bike where you buy your cereal – Unlike big box brands, Trek kids’ bikes are assembled by people who know bikes

Frame Aluminium
Fork Dialed 12˝, high-tensile steel

Front Hub Steel
Rear Hub Steel
Rims 12˝ 20-hole alloy
Tires Innovia, 12×1.75˝

Saddle Dialled, integrated padded
Seatpost Integrated with saddle
Handlebar Dialed, one piece, integrated
Grips Dialled, Kraton
Headset Dialed, w/steering limiter

Pedals Not included

Weight – 3.97 kg

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